What if you cannot do #Downward Dog?

A dog a day keeps the doctors away.

I love the yoga poses “Downward Dog”.


down dog, Full

Downward Dog


  • Lengthen the spine
  • Strength the back, arms and shoulders
  • Stretch both legs


  • Wrist hurts
  • Too challenging for pre-natal moms
  • May not be suitable for high blood pressure

What can you do if you have the above issues? 

  • Modify the pose to Half Dog and use the wall to help.
down dog, half

Half Dog


  • It achieves the same benefit but reduce all the cons as the above.

4 thoughts on “What if you cannot do #Downward Dog?

    • Hi Sara,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Since I am not a doctor and should not give you any medical advice, I can only share base on my observation. Can you specify if the wrist pain is only during yoga session or is it throughout the day?

      If it is during the yoga session that you push too hard:

      – you may be pushing on your wrist without flattening + spreading your fingers to support the wrist. Did you bend your thumb also?

      -Are your shoulder blades sagging and sticking up forming a valley on your back? Therefore all the weight is on your wrist rather that using a strong back and the whole arm to support your wrist, e.g. in plank pose.

      – Check the 2 points above and if your wrist still hurt, you can modify by bending your elbows and rest on your forearms instead of putting pressure on the wrist in Inversion pose. This is what I teach for student who have wrist pain.

      – You can roll the front of the yoga mat and rest the wrist on the edge of the mat so your fingers are on the floor, slanting slight downward so to release the pressure on the wrist. ***keep your fingers spread and flat so they are not like an eagle claws. Middle finger point forward. Remember no sagging on the back.

      Well I can write a whole blog on this. But I hope this have helped you a little 🙂

      If you wrist pain is due to day job typing on keyboard, stretch the arms and fingers as soon as feel tired. I took supplement that contain curcumin to keep my joint healthy. You can research on this.

      Visit a doctor or Physio if it become serious to make sure the bones are OK.

      Pls let me know if this help.


      • Wow that was so informative! It’s been painful during practice, but resolves quickly after I’m done. I will try some of those strategies on the mat. I do think I put too much pressure through my wrist and not enough throughout my hand..thanks again!


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