Finding #Beauty amidst #chaos

Yuck snow

Yucky dirty snow

This is what we deal with in Canada in the winter – snow, wet and slippery.

Go train_crop

Taking GO train to work on a snowy date.

Getting up in the winter morning to work, standing on the train station platform at 7 am, waiting and having my bottom freeze is not fun. On top of that I have to drag my feet on the yucky snow after getting off from the train…. w*^y%&x …

I could continue to curse until Buddha blocks his ears with huge cotton balls or I can take a breathe, stop for a moment and observe what is beyond this craziness…

Then THE BEAUTY that snow created will begin to reveal.

Pine cone with snow

Snow made the pine tree pretty like a X’mas card.



Help! Meditation? What is it?

When we realize our body is taken over by our emotion, try not to push it away because it may add to more frustration if we fail. Instead, acknowledge the fact and not keep feeding it. Observe the tension in the body as if we were watching a show (our emotion) on TV. Then we would slowly realize which button to switch off the TV or change channels to begin letting go. It may be difficult to let go completely in the first round. Try to repeat the process again and the next round will be easier. Don’t worry if you have a ‘monkey mind’ that different thoughts continue to come in. Our brains are created naturally to think and have thoughts. Importance is that we ACKNOWLEGE, STOP FEEDING IT, LET GO. If we can note this, we can practice wherever we are, e.g. during commute, a quite corner at home or office, a park, instead of thinking that it needs to be in a yoga studio.

There are different ways to mediate and one of them is using a visual aids. It can be an object that you like, e.g. a religious image, a flower or just a lighted candle that we can focus on the flame.

Here is a link of a 5-min meditation video that I feel can bring calm to anyone who has a ‘monkey mind’. YouTube video:


Just be there, breathe and observe. When you are there, even the Fire hydrant would welcome you in its snow hat with a big smile. 🙂

Fire hydrant with a smile

Fire Hydrant with a Big Smile keeping warm with a snow hat and scarf.


Did you conquer chaos and find beauty? I would love to hear your comment.

“May you live like the lotus, at ease in the muddy water” – Buddha



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