After a major BACK SURGERY, by attending Eliza’s yoga class for more than a year now, my flexibility has improved dramatically.
Now stretching & breathing exercises are an important part of my daily routine. Due to Eliza’s expertise and her dedication to the student’s well-being, I feel she would contribute greatly to anyone’s health & fitness.”
– Chat, Newmarket

For nearly two years, after every class I feel relaxed and energized. My LOWER BACK PROBLEMS have reduced both in frequency and severity as a result. I have regained confidence in my athletic nature. Your knowledge of yoga and the human body is amazing in that you know how to challenge each student just right and you adapt poses and classes to MEET THE SPECIAL NEEDS of students. But especially why do I choose you? Your personality: CONSIDERATE, resourceful, dedicated, encouraging and FUN!
– Charles, Newmarket

I came home last night and felt all RELAXED, and had the BEST SLEEP I’ve had in weeks. Your classes have made a big impact on my life.
– Jacqueline Ritchie, Newmarket